Behind the Artwork

“The aim of art is not to represent the outward appearance of things, but their inward significance”

What I love about Art, is that it conveys so much without a single word being spoken. Everyone see’s something different. Colours catch our attention and change our mood. It can change the mood and atmosphere of a space as well.

I like to think that all the enjoyment, love and positivity I feel when I am painting, somehow gets sucked up and stored in the artwork somehow, ready to spill out when it arrives at it’s destination.

Ride the waves series

Living in a seaside town of course means there is a heavy water theme through a lot of the piece’s I do. I have always loved living by the sea, the feeling of open space, not being hemmed in from all sides, the smell of the sea, the noise ….

Each wave piece has its own character, a different vibe.

Which one will you make yours?

I can make these to order if you have specific colour requests, though all wave styles will be different, I can never recreate exactly.

So you will have yourself a truly original wave of your own.